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Spotted Ice Cream by Oter
3 images, 34155 views, 163 favorites, 13 comments
Commission for miceinblack over at FA.
The Dook Talisman 2 by Spacecat
3 images, 32193 views, 165 favorites, 5 comments
A commission for Fax, which is a follow up to this submission! http://www.transfur.com/Users/Spacecat/Submissions/17417 The lady's wayward friends arrive to study, but find that her little 'thesis project' is a hands on experience!
evolution by Birvan
30138 views, 120 favorites, 33 comments
Technically this is a TF, even if took several million years. Just an exercise for my artbook, though I'm severely lacking proper references on the tree of life (any help more than welcome)
drake by Luciusappaloosius
28801 views, 99 favorites, 6 comments
"Secret Origins": commissioned for Drake Grey .... The scene at St Francis Hospital, emergency ward: Drake wakes up to find he's now one of the "horsey set".... (Drake is, of course (c) himself)
switcheroo by Ealadubh
27419 views, 60 favorites, 10 comments
Eric looks happy. Prophet's not too impressed.
taur tf by Birvan
27296 views, 71 favorites, 14 comments
Nothing like drawing to relieve the stress. And I've been wanting to draw this sequence for ages Xp
Check the Lable first by Jgood8
27135 views, 102 favorites, 8 comments
Next year, check the experation date on the can before you drink it. Artist challenge 5# (Yes i know its late)
Feel the magic on offer by Nisharu
26079 views, 63 favorites, 14 comments
It's great to catch an offer to increase your fursona I see some furries asking me where the characters from my comics and pics buy these magical items so I created the "Secret Grove" TF Supplies store, in the future I can draw that store.
centauress sm by Corvidima
25496 views, 115 favorites, 10 comments
[1 of 2 Commissions for jkrolak] "The Salon was amazing, offering head-to-toe makeovers. Pedicures, manicures, facials, waxing - you won't even recognize yourself when you leave!"
centaur steph shades and by Sevencarpileup
25419 views, 257 favorites, 8 comments
Heres an image I did of a friend transforming into a centaur See more of my art and contact me for requests/commisions at 7-car-pileup.deviantart.com