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Shark Treasure by Virmir
2 images, 16363 views, 71 favorites, 9 comments
Ooooops, forgot to upload stuff here for, like, six months in a row.
taur tf by Birvan
27285 views, 71 favorites, 14 comments
Nothing like drawing to relieve the stress. And I've been wanting to draw this sequence for ages Xp
ppipertf by Luciusappaloosius
16587 views, 68 favorites, 11 comments
"The Piebald Piper": new scan - just about actual size!
Magic snake game by Nisharu
13891 views, 67 favorites, 7 comments
If a snake can grow his own body by eating something during that game, why a taur cannot do the same?
Kairo Orca Taur by Binturongboy
11637 views, 65 favorites, 5 comments
Commission for kairotheleopard being added to Cosmo's growing collections of pooltoys
The Changing Times Antique Store by Mxmaramoose
5 images, 15118 views, 65 favorites, 26 comments
"Hi! Welcome to the Changing Times Antiques, Yes everything here is cursed..So what kind of Curse are you looking for this #TFTuesday? We have all kinds of stuff! let me know what you are looking for and Ill see if we have it!" Bonus: a little info on the shopkeeper! Bonus Bonus: The Changing Times Antiques store now has a Patreon! you can purchase things straight from the store and get transformed even at the lowest pledge level! https://www.patreon.com/ChangingTimes
Silly Putty by Virmir
4 images, 22779 views, 63 favorites, 3 comments
Trade with Vulpinekeyblader!
What Charactaurs They Are by Niche
12721 views, 63 favorites, 1 comment
Commission for Slyfox6414 on FA of his two characters transforming into a husky and wolf taur. My first time doing taurs, it was a learning experience.
Feel the magic on offer by Nisharu
26056 views, 63 favorites, 14 comments
It's great to catch an offer to increase your fursona I see some furries asking me where the characters from my comics and pics buy these magical items so I created the "Secret Grove" TF Supplies store, in the future I can draw that store.
Whale... darn by Demyxia
13851 views, 62 favorites, 5 comments
Long story short- whale taur TF~ Enjoy!