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Dragoniade TF by TigrisG
2 images, 16181 views, 50 favorites, 0 comments
Back in 2010, I did a commission for Dragoniade of himself becoming his dragon-taur character. All hand-drawn on paper with markers, very large pictures.
Manely Horses (Commission) by Ciervo
16758 views, 110 favorites, 4 comments
Aayrick's doing a number on me: TF by comb! (That's a new one.)
Reindeer-Taur by Virmir
10019 views, 75 favorites, 5 comments
*UNAMUSED* Featherfall -- Perpetrator
The Dook Talisman by Spacecat
4 images, 34456 views, 183 favorites, 9 comments
A commission for Fax@DA! A woman receives a mysterious package in the mail, which has an odd green stone carving of a ferret. Unknownst to her, it already started changing her... Dook Dook Dook! Taurs make it even better!
Dragontaur by Tgwonder
13734 views, 177 favorites, 5 comments
well, it's not everyday, you suddenly realize that you're a female :V for a anonymous commission :3 doodle by me :3
chocolate lab taur by Edthebordercollie
2 images, 8405 views, 40 favorites, 5 comments
started out as a little practice sketch since I rarely draw taurs, but it actually turned out and I went and finished it.
Whale... darn by Demyxia
13714 views, 61 favorites, 5 comments
Long story short- whale taur TF~ Enjoy!
Huskytaur by Edthebordercollie
7992 views, 49 favorites, 6 comments
request from FA
BCollie taur by Edthebordercollie
10172 views, 32 favorites, 5 comments
haven't drawn Ed in a while, this needed to be fixed immediately.
Kairothefox Sketch by IndiWolf
6678 views, 51 favorites, 2 comments
Transformation commission for kairotheleopard Character © kairotheleopard Art/ Indi © Me