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Kangaroo Boxing Match by Trevor_Fox
6 images, 17408 views, 164 favorites, 13 comments
I get into a little fight! But I lose the match, my humanity, and my current sex.
A Tail Of Change And Love by Trevor_Fox
6 images, 22481 views, 155 favorites, 5 comments
For Ultipand on FA. He invited an anthro horse over to his birthday party, but the horse had a different idea of fun for the birthday boy.
The Stink Bomb by Trevor_Fox
3 images, 14872 views, 98 favorites, 7 comments
Skunk TF comic I did for Secret Skunk on SoFurry
Rolling Shot! by Trevor_Fox
12650 views, 94 favorites, 9 comments
Phew! Got done with the piece for ShadowFox014 on FA. I'm really happy with the camera shots and the way this turned out. Was fun to practice some new coloring, shading, and lighting techniques. ShadowFox014 tries to take a picture of a spotted skunk doing a handstand, but he loses his footing and tumbles down the hill, changing as he "gracefully" rolls down the hill, his clothes flying off as he shrinks in size. He finally comes to a hand-standstill at the bottom before his camera lands i...
Swimming Smoothly by Trevor_Fox
9709 views, 74 favorites, 0 comments
"It's so hot, I just wanted to go swimming. Looks like I won't be leaving the cool depths of the ocean anytime soon. But hey. 'Least things won't heat up down here too much, right?" So, I don't do backgrounds much, but I really need to work on them. This piece was to give me some practice on that.
A Game Of Pretend by Trevor_Fox
14219 views, 68 favorites, 14 comments
Commission for Dustyfoxy on FA. and I were talking for quite some time about certain transformation themed entertainment that we both enjoyed growing up. We covered cartoons and media, but extensively, we talked about books like Goosebumps and "Little Pet Shop of Horrors." We discussed elements that we loved from those books, how we would re-read them all the time, and how we loved the situations that it put the reader in, having a cheesy type of horror theme to the transformation and such...
Fox TF Drawing by Trevor_Fox
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Welcome to my room. Oh, and I'm changing into a fox.
Dragon TF by Trevor_Fox
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I drew myself turning into a dragon. I try to do something new with each piece of art that I do in order to push myself to get better. Well...I shouldn't say EVERY piece. But often. With this one, I made the background more grey so that it wouldn't clash with the colors of the character, and I shaded him by using crossing lines. I also used the tree and the bushes in order to frame the character and draw more attention to him. I'm pretty happy with the result.
Hypnotic Dog Effect by Trevor_Fox
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Oh, no! I've been given a collar, but the giver (just off-screen) got it to hypnotize me and turn me into their puppy! Someone hel--bark! bark!
Skunk TF by Trevor_Fox
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Oh, the humanity! Well, I seem to be losing that. And my stink is contagious.