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Annual Beachgoer by Ciervo
8839 views, 74 favorites, 4 comments
@SnowyPenguin went to the beach only infrequently, having to return inland at dusk. In his new form, however, he'd be returning out to sea...
Turtle Turtle by Demyxia
8836 views, 48 favorites, 1 comment
Commission done during stream~ Orca into turtle pool toy
Snapping Turtle Wins The Race by Mirandaleigh
15650 views, 117 favorites, 11 comments
One of 26 images to come, uploaded on my personal website and forum. You can vote on what other transformations I'll draw. Images are part of my own personal donation drive (not affiliated with transfur!).
Turtle Tf by Shadownet
14965 views, 46 favorites, 5 comments
Simple concept, quick sketch and blocked in colors. Not thrilled, but again, still getting back into the swing of things. May do some pokemons soon cause who doesn't love the pokemone!? :D First of a possible sequence of muscular guy into tropical turtle. Caused by a Maori statue and some nicely placed tattoos. Gotta watch out for them dang cursed tikis. mwahaha
Class Magic tf by Heezy
27685 views, 123 favorites, 13 comments
I tried to do more of a "poof" transformation rather than a gradual one. Hope you like it. When Jimmy's magic trick for his class failed, it turned out it actually worked, and he hasn't even realize it yet.
wereturtle by Corvidima
25810 views, 82 favorites, 7 comments
Artist Challenge #3: Were-turtle! Why? Your shoulder blades get sucked inside your ribcage (ouch!), and say goodbye to any hair you had... [although to be honest, I think turning into a human would be the most unfortunate were-creature...]
Turtle Newt by Bilious
7321 views, 18 favorites, 1 comment
Turning my character Newt into various animals for fun
shellshocked by Kuma
9529 views, 41 favorites, 10 comments
thought I'd try a turtle this time ;)
Hardshell by Foxx
13167 views, 54 favorites, 4 comments
we can assume he was curious, or something. ;)
turtle by Liger
6583 views, 19 favorites, 0 comments
Turtle Race