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storm by Birvan
7 images, 24984 views, 105 favorites, 8 comments
The 2nd section of Storm's commission, a 7 stage TF sequence from his karkadann (Persian unicorn) to dragon self
deerunicornsm by Arania
5 images, 24694 views, 47 favorites, 8 comments
The second of Jorg's four shorter commissions - this one not -quite- a reverse transformation per se as a magical awakening. A humble doe becoming a magical unicorn. Two more forthcoming :)
UnicornFlu by Tim-Kangaroo
24432 views, 117 favorites, 10 comments
Ever have one of those mornings? You know -- when you wake up and discover that you've become a unicorn princess...
Unicorn TF TG by Gillpanda
24180 views, 231 favorites, 4 comments
A lovely transformation of a male becoming a female unicorn. with plenty of ass and a nice bust to boot.
Unicorn TF by Narubi
5 images, 24099 views, 170 favorites, 7 comments
Commission done for a user on DA ^^
Commission: Unicorn Spells by SepiSnake
3 images, 23795 views, 215 favorites, 8 comments
A transformation sequence commission for Dimensional42 of my persona & his falling victim to a centaur unicorn's transformative spell.
unicold by Mirandaleigh
23465 views, 124 favorites, 9 comments
A quickie I did trying to think of wintertime blues.... Young maiden goes into the forest to meet with her lover, only to be cursed to walk the earth as a creature of myth instead. Thought about the last unicorn movie (since I wanna watch my dvd of it), thought she'd be so lonely, trapped in a strange new form.
nm-unicornTF by Tincrash
20377 views, 44 favorites, 1 comment
A Unicorn TF....I dunno if I did one before so I gave it a shot. I just came up with the symbol on his arm and muzzle (If horses have muzzles) but almost like that could be a tattooed catalist for the change.
Frndneed by CaliforniaKitFox
19753 views, 44 favorites, 2 comments
A friend in need...
unicorn by Currerbell
19252 views, 33 favorites, 8 comments
Is bathing in enchanted ponds ever a good idea? I think not. Colored with Microsoft Picture It (yuck!)--anyone have any better ideas?