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Prideful Pony by Demyxia
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A commission for Ealadubh of himself being corrupted into the unicorn personification of "Pride" by my character Nega.
Alicorn TF Color by Sonicspirit
18579 views, 70 favorites, 10 comments
Anyway, trigger is some sort of friendship bracelet-type-thing, because, that seemed like a good idea to me! Anyway, she's supposed to be transforming to a stallion, but that's difficult to show when you're not focusing on genitals, and I drew this sketch comic in class. Which means, no drawing lady-parts shifting to man-parts! ^_^ And since it wasn't figure drawing class, drawing lady parts or man parts at all would be a bit questionable. So just a fun, simple TF! Alicorns are awesome. Ah, a...
unitf by Jakkal
17253 views, 64 favorites, 7 comments
Just a unicorn doodle I did on the phone one night. I dunno what he's so upset about.
UnicornTrans by Edmol
17099 views, 132 favorites, 3 comments
Sassy Saddles by RushEloc
17040 views, 82 favorites, 6 comments
Cursula's been having a lot of trouble with sassy buff horse dudes. She's surprisingly fragile for a borderline omnipotent cat monster. I guess the CURSE AGENCY has an extra service on the side where they can produce imaginary friends for lonely little kids. It's a great way for a frustrated single mother to force a deadbeat dad to be part of his daughter's life. Y'know, just as an example.
AWholeNewU by Ealadubh
16809 views, 76 favorites, 5 comments
So maybe you do need a new spirit guardian; it's still considered polite to ask first.
absmage by Luciusappaloosius
16437 views, 25 favorites, 3 comments
"Absent-Minded Mage" Inspired partly by Eala's hilarious unicorn TF pic, partly by a quotation from Thurber's "The 13 Clocks"
Magical Unicorn Girl by Mookyvet
3 images, 15881 views, 220 favorites, 1 comment
:D Another commission for NotHere(FA). This time, he asked for a unicorn transformation of some kind, but gave me the freedom to do whatever so this is the result~ I'm pretty happy with her dress. :D
unicorngirl by ShadowsMyst
15861 views, 64 favorites, 0 comments
Livestream Commission: Human -> Unicorn by Jakkal
8 images, 14585 views, 92 favorites, 6 comments
Livestream commission for @Ealadubh of some poor fellow that ran afoul of some pixies or something, and decided to punish him with fabulous hair. With some side effects.