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Shifter by Hukeng
1981 views, 30 favorites, 0 comments
Werewoof girl at various stages of soft.
Office Wolf by Hukeng
2173 views, 30 favorites, 3 comments
No awoo during business hours!
Seasonal Coat by Hukeng
1522 views, 21 favorites, 0 comments
Buff werewolf friend showing off the winter floof.
Why Not? by Hukeng
2 images, 3307 views, 38 favorites, 1 comment
Awkward questions to ask your werewolf friend.
Happy Thanksgiving! by Dog_Girl_Kari
5050 views, 40 favorites, 12 comments
I extend to all you big, juicy, meaty people an invitation to enjoy Thanksgiving at my house this year... >:3
Wolfing out by Danwolf
3414 views, 29 favorites, 3 comments
Comission for Freeclaw
Mid-Shift by Hukeng
2464 views, 27 favorites, 2 comments
Most lycanthropes consider it very embarassing to be seen during their change - you could at least have knocked.
[Commission]-Into the cave by Fringedog
4870 views, 35 favorites, 2 comments
85USD werewolf Digital Painting commission for Onom.
Patreon Sneak Peak - The Night of the Were Neko by tfancred
7973 views, 51 favorites, 6 comments
If you do want to see more of my stuff, you can become my patron at http://patreon.com/Tfancred ! For as low as two bucks per month, you'll see two images like this per week and for 5 dollars, you'll also have access to my Sequence Friday that have an ongoing sequence! I really need your help to continue produce that many pics! (8 (2$ patrons) to 12 (5 dollars patrons) pics per month MINIMUM!) Sometimes, I post extra stuf, like coloured version. Those are still rare, but I will do my best to mak...
Randome werewolfgirl by ShadowsMyst
4930 views, 75 favorites, 5 comments
Trying to do more TF doodles, random girl having a sudden werewolf moment.