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Danwolf found Razor claw ! by Danwolf
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Who's not playing pokemon games : If you've caught a sneasel you can evolve it ONLY into a Weavile,if you have Razor claw. (which is PAINFUL to get btw) Looks like Dan found one but It has a whole different effect >:3
[Commission]-Into the cave by Fringedog
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85USD werewolf Digital Painting commission for Onom.
You're what you eat - Noodles by Danwolf
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I'ts been a while I've done a picture for these series. Anyway I love to eat Cup noodles for dinner cause I'm a fat fuck and got the idea what happens if you eat too much OwO" NOODLE DERGS !!! I've let Epigon join in,cause he's very close to a noodle dragon anyways,now he can enjoy his feral form >:3 I love to draw these rascals cause they're curvy and can go all over the place !
The new queen by Danwolf
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Just wandering around in the vulcanic region and suddenly a bunch of salandits attack you !!! but they're weird o.o they cling on your body and rub themselves against you like they...like you ? It all becomes clear when you finally see the huge pink-grey coloured lizard tail wagging behind you OWO Always loved how Slender and feminine Salazzle looks,couldn't pass this oppurtinity for a tf :3 I also like to imagine since she's bringing in not just pokemons,but trainers too with her scent,Salaz...
wolf TF by Kaju
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Request with Twitter
Collared With Sketches by KrazyIvan
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Decided to sketch out the rest of the sequence.
Collared by KrazyIvan
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Been a while since i uploaded, no context on this. Enjoy
The King's hat by Danwolf
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Don't take it without permission. Now excuse me GRRROOAH...Khm. I need to steal some princesses. I've actually had this idea back then when I started to play Mario Odyssey,THE FIRST THING that came to my mind when I've tried the hat takeover thing with the frog : "OH my fucking god,you could totally do this with Daddy Bowser later !" *has tiny hearts in his eyes* aaaand,I was right. You could do this at the end of the game. It was fucking amazing. Never mind,This idea came to my mind insta...
It's right under your nose! by Swatcher
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It's not every day you get absorbed by a Big Bad Wolf.
Lucario Nr. 2 by ArcticFFFox
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Transformation potions can easily seem to be much, much less potent than they actually are. Always follow proper dosage and regulation. A sequel to the "Dragonite Nr. 1" piece of mine. Been working on this kind of on-and-off since a long time ago. I had done a favorite Pokémon test last summer, after which I did it another time, but with transformation in mind. Whenever I had to pick from two, I asked myself the question "if I could pick only one of two transformation potions, but it'd be a o...