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The book of Crux by Danwolf
844 views, 6 favorites, 2 comments
Halloween season has started guys,I'ts time to start the creepy tfs ! Here's the first one : Danny found the book of crux and the silly wolf opened it,found the text unreadable but after a while the,It made sense and...haha...HEHEH...This is the BEST book I read in my whole life ! *Maniac laugh* (Hope I can finish all 3 of them,I'm short on time and comissions doesn't helping either,but we'll see x3)
Wrong Night - Werewolf TF by Dondedun
1766 views, 21 favorites, 1 comment
tfw you get ready to go out but it's the full moon and your a werewolf
Werewolf Sequence 2 by Viergacht
1969 views, 40 favorites, 1 comment
A sketch for Darius Whitefur.
Werewolf Sequence by Viergacht
1754 views, 34 favorites, 3 comments
A tf sequence for Werwolfram.
You're what you eat - Cheese heads by Danwolf
2465 views, 13 favorites, 1 comment
Don't trust those things. More important don't thrust them if they're giving you cheese...that's just suspicious =W= Now I have to Merp thanks to Siron's cheese cake. I liked the idea he gave me at the animecon last week,soo I've drawn it between comissions because I had a little bit of art block x_x Anyway,back to work next week !
Commission - Nox 2 by Battlehog
2475 views, 20 favorites, 1 comment
Aaaand second commission for Nox!
Commission - Nox 1 by Battlehog
1987 views, 26 favorites, 0 comments
Commission for Nox!
Bitten! by BengalBoy
6 images, 7213 views, 87 favorites, 7 comments
Biggest thing I have worked on....done in 5 days, wow. A poor guy gets randomly attacked in the night by a strange being, unfortunately, his troubles have not finished yet for tonight
Wolf goo TF by Kaju
2404 views, 30 favorites, 0 comments
Request with Twitter
Wolf Transformation by Mearcu-hound
3201 views, 46 favorites, 2 comments
Just a nice little wolf transformation