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Following Up by ArcticFFFox
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Soon after the events of me changing into Urtigg, Kuro's own inner dragon started feeling envious -- strongly craving to feel some fresh air again... and started forcing herself out. Pretty violently, too. Did some alt images for this one!
I'm Really Whitney Houston on the Drums by Viergacht
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Don't walk away from me, I will always love you. But how will I know - Trick or treat? Stock used: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:300_animatronic_wolf_puppet_Closeup.jpg http://www.bigstockphoto.com/image-33071597/stock-photo-african-young-woman-taking-off-a-mask-of-a-caucasian-woman
One Bad Rat by Viergacht
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A commish for The-Transforming-Pen over on DA. I put all the images all together like a comic page.
A Killer Time by Niche
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A quick drawing I did in between studying for a huge exam. A pseudo-trade from FA where I'm turning into an orca! This was a fun one, I've never really gotten to do a tf where I grow a good deal, it's pretty interesting. And the anatomy was fun, I really like the hands and the mouth. They always look really bland with a white background, so I threw in some water and walls, let your imagination make up the scenario.
Spider Tf by Niche
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Here's that tf I alluded to, I've been wanting to do a spider tf for a few years! I think it turned out rather well, though it doesn't quite have the creepy monstery spider feel I wanted to get. Guess I'll have to do another one sometime ^^^^ . ^^^^
Mustelide Magic by Niche
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A sketchy idea concept thing of an OC I'm working on. She's the large magic wolverine currently turning me into a ferret. She's a counterpart to a different character I also have in the works. Figured you guys might like to see.
The Apple Orchard by Viergacht
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The late November day dawned clear and unseasonably warm, but that didn't last long. Clouds began to drift in by the time she'd finished breakfast, woolly, dark heaps of them hurried along by a biting wind. They jumbled together and sealed off the sky, pressing low to the ground and turning midday dark as evening. By the time the sun set the first flakes of snow began to drift down. It would have been a perfect night for curling up with a mug of cocoa and a book, but lycanthropy is never cal...
Donkey Gal by Viergacht
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A sequence done for The-Transforming-Pen on DA. They dictated the pose and degree of tf and I just strove to deliver. She looks pretty unhappy about the situation, but I like to make up my own story, like maybe she's usually a majestic werewolf who's having an unexpected allergic reaction to Twinkies or something. She'll be fine. LessThanHuman did a really sweet photomanip based on the second drawing!
Don't Freak Out by Viergacht
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Based on a true story.
I hate it when that happens by HamsterToybox
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I always seem to draw this guy being mildly inconvenienced by the fact he's a werewolf.