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I've been spotted! by Ciervo
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Did an OC with @splice tonight; the premise was that I woke up... as an anthro cheetah (TFed via magic mask being stuck on my face during sleep). How would I react? Well... here ya go!
Caught a Common Cold by Ciervo
7965 views, 58 favorites, 2 comments
... and the rhinovirus casued a little more than sinus pressure. --- Little post-stream sketch!
New Tricks by GrandStorm
18949 views, 104 favorites, 6 comments
Dream Master loves pets, and loves to make you one. Humiliate you, and toy with you. When he gets bored is where things can get tricky.
Wait, what IS a 'river horse'?? by Ciervo
8268 views, 42 favorites, 4 comments
Luckery from FA looks like he'll be getting a lesson in the etymology of the word 'hippopotamus' ;) --- Suuuuper-long overdue trade! Hope he likes it :) In other news, I like anthros too much sometimes. I end up not drawing TFs, but anthros instead... whoops! Anyone else have that problem? :P
Sword and Claw (Sequence!) by Ciervo
3 images, 20402 views, 104 favorites, 18 comments
Lomarcan was out in the park practicing his swordplay when something strange began to happen... --- Finally, the 3-parter commission gets to be posted! Original stock photos by drekian.
Myanmorphosis by Lucern7
10 images, 21227 views, 124 favorites, 7 comments
A Transformation sequence commission from Myanmor-1 on deviantArt it was the first sequence I had completed after my year long hiatus.
[Comm] What Happens Next by K-Libra
11432 views, 60 favorites, 2 comments
A commission for Cheasy "His jaw inches close to her cheek, she eyes him warily, not knowing his next move. 'What's happened to you George?'" - Cheasy
Aimelle: Changed by Mookyvet
12056 views, 120 favorites, 4 comments
Sketch commission that nothere(FA) claimed during a recent stream (or I think it was recent? lol) of my character, Aimelle, transforming from Caithari to Human. She, of course, would not be pleased with it. :D
Young Alena by Dog_Girl_Kari
14503 views, 98 favorites, 9 comments
For those of you who don't know, I'm making a game in RPG Maker VX Ace. It's heroine is Alena (Left), this is an image from a flashback scene in the game where we explore her past a bit more.
Pyke's Outfoxed... or Foxing Out! by Ciervo
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Or, at least, he's now a fox trying to get out. Out of his shirt, of course, which is entirely too big for him now. But with paws that's hard! --- Commission; gift from shadowfox014 for pyke's birthday :)