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vixen-moreau-pad by Tim-Kangaroo
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The 'accident' has left this careless lab assistant to ponder the horrors of life as a foxy lady.
TGTigress by Halfwing
28352 views, 369 favorites, 21 comments
It's a... TG tigress pic? o.o''
donkeytf by Childofdune
30701 views, 364 favorites, 29 comments
People keep ending up in these cursed barns.. you would really think they would know better by now.
Luna tf by Loboleo
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I realized that it's been a long time since I did a basic sequence of Luna into a Lycan. Although Luna dosn't quite change this fast in the comic I wanted to do this to have a more detailed conceptual art of her change. I'll try to add color to it some day.Enjoy.
Out of the Blue by Amber-Aria
4 images, 41279 views, 363 favorites, 17 comments
Simply a commission I did for one of my customers on FA, LlunaBlue. Does this guy know what happens or why it does? Nope, it's just a skunk transformation out of the blue from being in the right place at the right time~
Giraffe Tf Final by Jcheetah
43439 views, 363 favorites, 20 comments
I had this unfinished piece lying around for quite some time, so I decided to finally finish it. No TG this time! :) Two high-school girls are fighting over a handsome looking guy named James and unfortunately, the lovely redhead doesn't know that she just insulted a daughter of a witch... Anyways, I suck at writing stories :-D Can anybody help? Also, here's a little animated gif with the picture progress:
TF by ValentinaPaz
10 images, 25342 views, 363 favorites, 13 comments
no worries woman, you'll get used to your new body eventually everyone does...
weresnarl by Angrboda
29892 views, 362 favorites, 10 comments
Theresa shreds some tights in the Academy chapel, letting the beast get away from her :3
divesuit mermaid by Yapi
40649 views, 362 favorites, 9 comments
Another piece commissioned by Phil Velasquez. A diver gets hold of an enchanted necklace that turns her into a mermaid along with her diving suit.
deerTf by Killpanda
42212 views, 361 favorites, 15 comments