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AlexisChange by Maska
7 images, 57545 views, 315 favorites, 25 comments
Finally done... Alexis turning into a human-African wild dog-tarantula hybrid.
Transfur Husky by DakotaCat
5 images, 37759 views, 315 favorites, 19 comments
A birthday gift causes something... unexpected
ACotter by Cobalt_K
38079 views, 315 favorites, 28 comments
My entry for Artist Challenge 8: "Plastic surgery gone wrong: Unable to afford an expensive cosmetic surgeon at home, a person heads to a cheaper, yet highly rated, overseas clinic. Waking up from the general anesthetic, the person is horrified to discover that..."
Ratted out by KrazyIvan
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Amanda's had a costume party thrust on her at the last minute... Commissioned by Meow Meow If you want to see more of my work or you're the generous type consider becoming a patron for as little as $1 a month: -Ivan New feature to patrons, nude version plus FtM version, cos reasons
hanging with the hula dancers by Angrboda
41614 views, 314 favorites, 5 comments
dude > lemur girl. (commission) No warnings this time :P
John by Coyoteskin
23478 views, 313 favorites, 26 comments
Well, sort of back to my old style. :x
Cursed bottles-Dragon by Daniel-kay
38696 views, 313 favorites, 13 comments
"Told you to be carefull with that hot sauce, you´d need the tounge of a DRAGON to eat that much."
Sproing! by Narubi
18445 views, 313 favorites, 12 comments
Looks like she wasn't expecting to see a new poofy tail when she looked down....psh. :P
A Dragonslayer's Curse by Narubi
5 images, 25743 views, 313 favorites, 15 comments
An ancient curse has finally caught up with this family for their past actions... Commission done for a user on DA :0
atomic cover art by Angrboda
24338 views, 312 favorites, 7 comments
The art for the cover to a TF artbook I just released - thought you guys might enjoy the illustration. You can check out the book and a ton of other stuff I've worked on at