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stableboy by Kuma
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Done for a friend. Guy on his way to becoming a donkey..or perhaps a donkey-Satyr? There is actually AR occuring in this pic, but you can't really make it out, aside from the slightly large clothing/boots.
Special Bonds by Loboleo
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(MAN to WOLF) This was something I did for fun for Timidtabby, started with Page 02 (which is Colored) and then continued from there. I wanted to practice my line after so many months without drawing , thus the sketchy nature of this comic. It's based on a small story Tabby posted and I liked the weird nature and point of view of it, a cat who watches his master tf into a wolf. Anyhow I hope you like it. EDIT Feb 16, 2015: Added a Bonus Aftermath Pic :)
StephLK by Pilot
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Racamii by Hazard
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This scanned from a very small original, hence the thick clumsy outlines. She still rings a few bells though ;)
Tail! by Mrpersonperson
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Oldish TF sequence that was done for practice! :)
girltolycan by Loboleo
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Just a quickie I did some time ago and just now decided to color it and put it here :P. Classic stuff.
rainstormsm by Arania
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Sequence commission for Silverfox :3. This is his character, Luna, an original aquatic creature design, and her origin story as she becomes... well, you'll see :3 A dreamer and a woman easily taken advantage of, she eventually wound up on the streets with her only possession being an old journal. At the end of her rope, in the middle of a drenching rainstorm, something magical happens... And yay also for working on my backgrouns ^.^ Now Complete.
TFlogo by SolidAsp
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Here's a large verson of the as of yet un named Trasfur mascot.
Project Squirrel by Fennex
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(5 of 5) The short version: A top secret project deep in the Egyptian desert goes horribly wrong. The long version: Project squirrel is a research project by a conglomerate of companies and research institutions. The goal is to solve the world's energy problems by harnessing inter dimensional energy. This is done by creating a bridge between our reality and an alternate universe: the reality gate. This gate however is highly unstable and leaks a tremendous amount of radiation that molds ...
Adf Afterparty Color by Taus
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Commission for ADF. ^^