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OSC: Sequence: The Phoenix Cloak by Jakkal
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Alternative origin sequence for Shaytalis's Phoenix character and how she managed to possess an unsuspecting woman. The woman, a mage, wanted a cloak that would inspire awe and give her a look of power. She tried on this cloak with some unwanted consequences. Jan 29, 2017 Edit: Added in a new third image in the sequence. Dec 29, 2018 Edit: Added in two new images that are sort of additions. I'm not really sure where the 6th one goes, where it's wrapping around her, as it doesn't fit th...
The Lottery Ticket by Gillpanda
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a TF about a boy down on his luck and some how wins it "big"
sirenz by Arania
5 images, 77674 views, 290 favorites, 31 comments
A transformation sequence, not just of the busty doctor into a vixen, but also of my art style over the past 8 months. The first piece first, and the last piece I just finished yesterday.
transformpic by Childofdune
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Jademoontail Comic by Demyxia
26491 views, 287 favorites, 5 comments
A commission for Jademoontail on FA : D
h-g by SentR
46843 views, 286 favorites, 19 comments
daddysnewformula by Angrboda
48651 views, 286 favorites, 24 comments
After the success they'd had with his first syrums, Katherine Vulpine just couldn't resist trying out her daddy's new formula. Sorry for the sort of in-joke: see "what the fox". PS: Please help me; it appears that I CANNOT STOP DRAWING.
Neighsayer by Shiro
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From the Transfur donation drive.
A Horse Named Charity by Comic
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Some people don't like the name. Well to them I say the following. "-pbbbbbtt-...That's the sound a butt makes." -Comic, 2014
mermaidcopic by ShadowsMyst
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Got some Copic markers and decided to give them a go. One of two 'playthings' that I did with the markers. Woman to mermaid.. nice skirt eh?