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blatant boobery complete by Sevencarpileup
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Not sure if people will still get the fact that this is post transformation, but still it was a bit of fanservice and since alot of my fans came from here on Transfur I thought I'd share the love :) .... and boobies. Oh and I made an account over on for images which arnt allowed on DA or here on TF
A Horse Named Charity by Comic
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Some people don't like the name. Well to them I say the following. "-pbbbbbtt-...That's the sound a butt makes." -Comic, 2014
pyraach by GeckzGo
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request done for Peter C of his (i think) character Pyraach Ur, mate of Wyraach Ur
character by XXy
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for zee dragon transform templateee
FC2011 Perfect Pup by Flinters
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You'll be 500% more attractive to others when you use Perfect Pup shampoo Ideal to bring the real dog out in you... FC2011 commission. I like little scenes like this. Gives me a chance to draw stuff like towel holders and faucets.
Shark by TfProxy
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Shark TF 1 of 3 - Yeah yeah, my faces need work ;)
lily by Sirenz
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This is Lily Delany. Ecavi's character for an Island of Dr. Moreau type RP pet shop. She arrived at the island of Dr. Moreau as a lab tech..unsure of the horror coming her way...
phin exp by Gryf
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Isla Grace - Full TF by Dusker78
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(6 of 6) A semi non-canon TF sequence from my comic, Professor Amazing and The Incredible Golden Fox. These images are of the comic's protagonist (well, one of the two), Isla Grace. Please visit the comic's website at for a preview video and the first few pages (updated every Friday). There are no TFs in the comic as of yet, but it will be very much TF-centric. If you'd like to see the comics a month ahead of time and in high definition, please become a Pat...
Werefox Transformation by Narubi
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