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Return of the Gatorgirl by Angrboda
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A four page sequence I collaborated on with Newenglander (who did the writing, panel breakdowns, and monologue). Parts of it are a little older, but I still like it. It's meant to fit in with my old gator girl pics, but because it's so different stylistically, I kept them separate.
lowres alex kitsune by Angrboda
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Commission: yes, another foxgirl. This time it's TG, so if that's your bag, enjoy.
AshleyTFc- by Dusker78
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Here's the colored version of the non-canon TF sequence based upon characters from my comic strip. There are a few inside jokes that only readers of my strip would understand. However, it should hopefully remain enjoyable for non-readers, as well.
kitsune by Soty
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Don't know why I never thought to upload this one earlier. This picture was for the winner of my last um-teen hits screenshot contest.
RidingWolf by Halfwing
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My very first commission, yay! Anyway... @thistle wanted a sequence depicting "An ancient cursed collar transforms this poor victim into Red Riding Hood, the sexy leather-clad superhero werewolf" :3
Lion TF color - by Dusker78
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A twelve page sequence done for Theo Winters. A guy answers a newspaper ad for a position at the zoo and gets a bit more than he bargained for.
Draft copy by XXy
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Fennec fox transform- due to some sort of spell. Sorry for the lack of exploration- next time quite possibly will have two people at once...
suitprt by SentR
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part 3
Experiment e by Edmol
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This is a new translation from SC.
Small Fox TF Final by SolidAsp
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5 page werefox comic commission for BP.