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Sharkgirl by GeckzGo
29273 views, 516 favorites, 22 comments
I think she has a different shark problem now... From the Transfur donation drive.
Linda by Sangluna
3 images, 33340 views, 510 favorites, 29 comments
Series of Commissions for Newenglander-really fun project! Watercolours/coloured pencil on board.
dragonserumr by GeckzGo
52502 views, 508 favorites, 23 comments
you might want to read the warning label before injecting yourself in the lab...heh, finally have a profile pic ^^..some inspiration from solidasp's lizardwoman pic. sorry i still havent done a full dragon tf yet..
dtoesock by GeckzGo
61845 views, 506 favorites, 32 comments
Dedicated to toe socks, and all their comfiness.
YurikoTF by Cobalt_K
7 images, 45297 views, 504 favorites, 23 comments
My first official commission, and it's a doozie. A snow leopard girl disguised as a human uses a collar to return to her original form. Too bad she didn't realize the garden she transformed in has magical powers of its own! The TF goes haywire, hilarity ensues, etc etc. Featuring anthro TF, taur TF, and clothing TF. Full image descriptions can be found on FurAffinity:
tempest by Angrboda
42564 views, 498 favorites, 13 comments
my half of an art trade with tempestryder; their character Rae gets bit by a loving but infectous fox.
Unto Me P by Kazen
10 images, 59372 views, 496 favorites, 30 comments
Update: Now with resized images!
transform copy by XXy
33771 views, 490 favorites, 15 comments
a young girl caught in a harry situation
Working Overtime by Amber-Aria
6 images, 23326 views, 488 favorites, 37 comments
Let’s have my first post for the new year be a cute, productive one. Here’s an adorable sketch comic that I was asked to draw for Mr.Nibz on FurAffinity, of a werecougar woman and her husband sharing a cute little back-and-forth as she tries to keep working through a full moon. (And as a note, Mr. Nibz wrote the dialogue for this comic.)
leona by KelvinTheLion
4 images, 93599 views, 479 favorites, 25 comments
A girl named Leona Transit (cheesy name, I know.) gets ready for her transformation. Wish her luck. The sprouting of the tail is my favorite part of transformation. I wonder how it feels for her.