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colche by Arania
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Now complete, Colche has fully transformed into an anthropomorphic King Cheetah - going from a scared, abused woman into a beautiful, confident, elegant feline.
coffee by Corvidima
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Commission for Newenglander.
Noticing 2 by KrazyIvan
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Yeah i know, i said the last one was the finale but this is technically the prologue to the next sequence which i may just keep updating on this since its nice and easy to view.
wolflife by Shiro
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You Know Wolves mate for life... Werewolves are no different...
Roxy by Pilot
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Wolfy Man TGTF by Tgwonder
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It's a brisk, cool night in the city. A full moon casts a silvery light as a man in his early 20's walks home at night, oblivious to his surroundings. Turning a shadowy comer, someone grabs him from behind and quickly places a rubbery wolf mask over his head before running away.
Smith bw by Corvidima
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Commission for Newenglander. [Fin]
Tiger tf by Kuma
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Poor guy's gone all fuzzy. Compliments of circe >:)
beartfclr by Mirandaleigh
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Quick thing i did in OC, was stuck in my head.... So all stuffed animals are the guardians of children. Passed onto her by her mother, she's transformed by her stuffed bears guardian spirit in order to save others from the malice that has materialized as monsters in the world. She's not alone... more and more people are realizing their stuffed animals aren't so inanimate after all.
huskytf by Tamen
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Commish of a basketball player gone husky!