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PageFin by Jakkal
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This is page 1 of a human to gryphon transformation sequence that Sigmarr, a good and patient friend of mine, commissioned. Ever think that your life isn't as it should be? That fate has taken the wrong path? Ever stare at the clouds in the sky ... and kn
rhinoboy by KelvinTheLion
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Kappa is back. This time he's got a different teenage kid as his victim. He's a tough kind and kind of a bully. Don't worry, those other 2 kids will be back eventually. Hope you like rhinos. Sorry if the ending doesn't offer enough closure. And yes, kappas are very fast and very strong but they get weak if the water in their heads spills out.
Cowgirl by Edmol
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SatyrTG by Cobalt_K
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A guy talks his wife into letting him go to a party she's having with her witchy friends. Things don't go quite as he expected, but we all know how it's going to turn out, don't we?
coffee by Corvidima
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Commission for Newenglander.
Kikue by Antherios
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This is the next stage of Kikue's transformation. It's kind of old... but I wasn't able to get into my account for a long time. Her 100% will be coming next, I've been working on it. ^^;
kitsune by KelvinTheLion
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Page1 of a new comic. 2 teenage kids get into trouble with a kitsune. A kitsune is a fox with many tails from Japanease folklore. They are tricksters with magical powers.
AlexisChange by Maska
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Finally done... Alexis turning into a human-African wild dog-tarantula hybrid.
tanooki by KelvinTheLion
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Some of you wanted them back so here they are! It's those dumb kids who always get turned into things, and the Tanuki is back too!
julian by Sirenz
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Julian's 75%