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tanuki by KelvinTheLion
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Remember these boys from the kitsune comic? If you didn't see it you should go back and look. Page:1 tail sprouts, wool appears on legs, face morphs...
TigerTF by Dusker78
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A three piece commission for Ember. A young man changes into a tiger under the watchful eye of a curious tigress.
Alligator Transformation by Cayuga
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Sid by Birvan
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One of the 3 transformation sequences I did for IoDM, in this case Sid being turned into a Viperfish. Since the shop closed I decided to simply post everything and break the suspense
Mermaid-Dress by Lquiroz
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This woman has to be carefull of where she gets her cloths. This dress has caused a strange affect.
freddie by Arania
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This is Freddie, character by Sylan, an ugly, chauvenistic guard for the Island of Dr. Moreau RP. After some rather crass passes, and subsequent insults when turned down, at the top female doctor on the island, he wound up as one of the experiments. I'll be uploading a few completed IoDM sequences here in the next week or two which the owners' have seen the final versions of already.
G-Shep Fursuit TF by Fox0808
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*EDIT* All Parts Added! Commission done for PyroAssassin :D (5 parts) German Shepherd Suit :3
Crayz by Juanvaldez
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A few people asked me to post this. New comic pages coming BTW.
DragoniadeComictf by SolidAsp
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This is page 1 of the Dragoniade TF commission
ShapeChangersTail- by CaliforniaKitFox
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A Shape Changer's Tail