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Sid by Birvan
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One of the 3 transformation sequences I did for IoDM, in this case Sid being turned into a Viperfish. Since the shop closed I decided to simply post everything and break the suspense
ShapeChangersTail- by CaliforniaKitFox
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A Shape Changer's Tail
LizzycostumeSmall by Daniel-kay
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This (un)lucky fellow has learned a lesson there, if you deal with someone making magical costumes don't piss them off... at least not if you planned on taking it OFF again
kylee dingo by Taus
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Commission for @Shadey, involving her character Kaylee getting stuck in the machine she's working on and subsequently being given the opportunity to test it by some of the scientists. Needless to say, she isn't all that happy with them, even if the changes seem to suit her.
Crayz by Juanvaldez
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A few people asked me to post this. New comic pages coming BTW.
Spirit Hood by Oter
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A commission for Siegmar.
YurikoTF by Cobalt_K
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My first official commission, and it's a doozie. A snow leopard girl disguised as a human uses a collar to return to her original form. Too bad she didn't realize the garden she transformed in has magical powers of its own! The TF goes haywire, hilarity ensues, etc etc. Featuring anthro TF, taur TF, and clothing TF. Full image descriptions can be found on FurAffinity:
Testsubjectsm by Arania
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Recently updated to include a fourth image - a final, maddened version of the character (Done in watercolors :3 ).
Brightfield by Pilot
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Trio by Juanvaldez
51515 views, 109 favorites, 10 comments
I couldnt resist. Hey folks! (Originaly had only three, but I got lazy and never renamed it.