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journey transf by Journey
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forgive for not having a discription for this when I posted but I just now figured how to put one on it. Anyway this is why you don't mess with fairys
Cheetah Girl TGTF- Color by Halfwing
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I... really don't have anything to say aside from the fact that it's a really rushed job. But since I'm going away for 3 weeks for my holiday I figured I might as well upload it now. @_@
snake by PickleJuice
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snake tf page 1 - peeing on the side of the road
Jeff by Yapi
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Commissioned by Jeff Baker for his friend. A guy who's about to make breakfast suddenly realizes he's starting to get looooong girly legs and a tail with cheetah fur, and it's spreading! I think the end product is a fully transformed anthro cheetah girl :P [EDIT: For those who are asking if this will be a series, sorry, nope. The guy who commissioned it only paid for one picture, so I'm afraid this is all there will be ^_^;)
Chicken punishment by Daniel-kay
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Tough luck if you get a teacher who not only knows magic but has unique ways of punishment
Photogenic Phase by Kazen
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Another transgender commission I got. The idea was, a 'photo album' appearance of images taken of the process of transition. Edited the final piece. Hopefully fixed!
KITTYKAT by SolidAsp
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This is a cammison I did for a great friend by the name of WereKat. Hope u all like.
Spirit Hood by Oter
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A commission for Siegmar.
Lux by Coyoteskin
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comix-inked by Halfwing
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Wow... it's been a while. o.o'' Anyway... here's a lil comic thingie I did a little while back... I didn't think it's quite up to Transfur's quality standard as there're quite a few glaring mistakes here and there, but eh. o.o''