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newmommy by Terrifel
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Orphaned animals can form a strong attachment to their caregivers. Sometimes the bond becomes so powerful that the adoptive parent suddenly loses interest in everything else.
daddysnewformula by Angrboda
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After the success they'd had with his first syrums, Katherine Vulpine just couldn't resist trying out her daddy's new formula. Sorry for the sort of in-joke: see "what the fox". PS: Please help me; it appears that I CANNOT STOP DRAWING.
Ribbity by Hazard
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Yes, this tf does need some more frames. I'm getting to it, I promise.
cirehusk by PickleJuice
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The heater goes out, and you say strange things.
centaurtrans by ShadowsMyst
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gnuzoo by Flinters
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Do not feed the animals!
zho-flyer-discovery by Flinters
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Yeah, okay, time to go see to this pretty girl before she gets herself into trouble. The best part- Zho did this to him- err, herself. :)
car by Birvan
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One of the commissions I did to pay the replacement of my tablet's stylus. I was requested to do a woman to horse transformation sequence based loosely on a story on the same topic. Full sequence can also be found here (so certain people don't start saying I stole it):
UltimateHavocAnimWereWolf by SolidAsp
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Heres a little somthing I Did for my bud Havoc. Its a pic of His Anime WereWolf Caracter that he shold name lol. I inked and colored the In OC 4 plus.
jowgenetsucomicsm by Arania
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Commission for Jowgenetsu - been a while since I did a high-detailed colored comic, and this was a fun one to work on. At his favorite nightclub, rocking to one of his favorite songs, Jowgenetsu is transformed into a werewolf. Just updated my website, too - this is one of several new tf sequences :3