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car by Birvan
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One of the commissions I did to pay the replacement of my tablet's stylus. I was requested to do a woman to horse transformation sequence based loosely on a story on the same topic. Full sequence can also be found here (so certain people don't start saying I stole it):
UltimateHavocAnimWereWolf by SolidAsp
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Heres a little somthing I Did for my bud Havoc. Its a pic of His Anime WereWolf Caracter that he shold name lol. I inked and colored the In OC 4 plus.
jowgenetsucomicsm by Arania
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Commission for Jowgenetsu - been a while since I did a high-detailed colored comic, and this was a fun one to work on. At his favorite nightclub, rocking to one of his favorite songs, Jowgenetsu is transformed into a werewolf. Just updated my website, too - this is one of several new tf sequences :3
ResultsInconclusive by CaliforniaKitFox
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Results Inconclusive.
RequestTf by Killpanda
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Nefratiti by Juanvaldez
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After a rude awakening and a painful transformation, the Queen lurkes the halls in search of new followers.
Joomanji by Kuma
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This is my submission for Dragoniade's TF contest thing over at DA. I'm actually pretty proud of this pic,(for once!) makes me feel like I'm getting better at this digital stuff and art in general. Much thanks to kanada for coming up with the little rhyme there. cant rhyme to save my life apperently...Lightly based on Jumanji. That movie had a lot of good TF potential IMO
griffonmountsm by Arania
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Next to last sequence of this batch, I promise XD - A warrior-for-hire is sent after a sorceress who has been 'terrorizing' a local village. However, when confronted, she proves her competence against the man - bringing him over to her side ^_~
h-g by SentR
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jamal by Arania
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A gangsta-type individual (an original character of JadeEye called Jamal) starting a rather reluctant transformation into a white tiger. Though sometimes carnivore blood in an already violent individual can have some... unpleasant results. Now complete. I'll be uploading a few completed IoDM sequences here in the next week or two which the owners' have seen the final versions of already.