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cowgirl by ShadowsMyst
77786 views, 458 favorites, 9 comments
Transformation-Sequence by Lquiroz
76267 views, 283 favorites, 8 comments
This archeologist will learn to take artifacts home from her dive. Especially when they have come from Atlantis.
STF c by Juanvaldez
75158 views, 136 favorites, 16 comments
Get the title? Ah well, I may just move it to sketches.
sirenz by Arania
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A transformation sequence, not just of the busty doctor into a vixen, but also of my art style over the past 8 months. The first piece first, and the last piece I just finished yesterday.
oriongroupc by PickleJuice
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So you get a weird German game machine and get your friends together to play
dana by Corvidima
6 images, 72185 views, 399 favorites, 10 comments
Commission for Newenglander.
VaycayKitty by Cobalt_K
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Never use your Twitter app while browsing TransFur. A girl preparing for summer vacation is much more China-bound than she realizes. I was inspired to do this sequence after taking interest in clothing-based transformations. Unfortunately I didn't have time to finish and color the entire thing, just the start and end points. The markings on her face are taken from a waving cat statue I saw while researching Chinese cats. I used internet translators for the Chinese dialogue, so I apologize for an...
Apex by Angrboda
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Four page sequence for Fuego. Girl > jaguar girl.
angrboda meme by Angrboda
71410 views, 235 favorites, 17 comments
A meme I did for furaffinity, as completed by me. Since it has a few TF doodles I thought I'd smack it up on this account.
lutra color by Corvidima
4 images, 71350 views, 454 favorites, 21 comments
Commission for Newenglander. Now in COLOR!