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AshleyTFc- by Dusker78
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Here's the colored version of the non-canon TF sequence based upon characters from my comic strip. There are a few inside jokes that only readers of my strip would understand. However, it should hopefully remain enjoyable for non-readers, as well.
Transformation-Sequence by Lquiroz
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This archeologist will learn to take artifacts home from her dive. Especially when they have come from Atlantis.
STF c by Juanvaldez
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Get the title? Ah well, I may just move it to sketches.
sirenz by Arania
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A transformation sequence, not just of the busty doctor into a vixen, but also of my art style over the past 8 months. The first piece first, and the last piece I just finished yesterday.
oriongroupc by PickleJuice
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So you get a weird German game machine and get your friends together to play
dana by Corvidima
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Commission for Newenglander.
Marshall by Evion
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Yeah, I'm yet another Island of Doctor Moreau artist on Transfur. XD This here is Marshall, an optimistic young cartoonist who will eventually end up an Emperor Penguin! Ya know, looking online, there really aren't many penguin anthros, or TF's for that matter! More stages will be posted as he changes in roleplay! And now he is finally a full penguin! :3
lutra color by Corvidima
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Commission for Newenglander. Now in COLOR!
Roxy by Pilot
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angrboda meme by Angrboda
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A meme I did for furaffinity, as completed by me. Since it has a few TF doodles I thought I'd smack it up on this account.