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Roxy by Pilot
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Apex by Angrboda
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Four page sequence for Fuego. Girl > jaguar girl.
VaycayKitty by Cobalt_K
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Never use your Twitter app while browsing TransFur. A girl preparing for summer vacation is much more China-bound than she realizes. I was inspired to do this sequence after taking interest in clothing-based transformations. Unfortunately I didn't have time to finish and color the entire thing, just the start and end points. The markings on her face are taken from a waving cat statue I saw while researching Chinese cats. I used internet translators for the Chinese dialogue, so I apologize for an...
charlieforma by Mirandaleigh
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colche by Arania
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Now complete, Colche has fully transformed into an anthropomorphic King Cheetah - going from a scared, abused woman into a beautiful, confident, elegant feline.
weaver by Birvan
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Something I did for a shop I hope to open in Gaia. I'm looking for artists because I don't have enough time to do the art on my own. ( Edit: Uploaded the color version
cirephant by PickleJuice
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You walk along the sidewalk next to the elephant pens, and what happens? You get whapped in the head by a peanut! What's up with that?! Well, I suppose it could be worse...
rainstormsm by Arania
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Sequence commission for Silverfox :3. This is his character, Luna, an original aquatic creature design, and her origin story as she becomes... well, you'll see :3 A dreamer and a woman easily taken advantage of, she eventually wound up on the streets with her only possession being an old journal. At the end of her rope, in the middle of a drenching rainstorm, something magical happens... And yay also for working on my backgrouns ^.^ Now Complete.
RidingWolf by Halfwing
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My very first commission, yay! Anyway... @thistle wanted a sequence depicting "An ancient cursed collar transforms this poor victim into Red Riding Hood, the sexy leather-clad superhero werewolf" :3
phoenix small by Angrboda
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afterburn - the curator of a rare jewel gets a feathery surprise in the form of a baby phoenix who needs a momma. [woman > anthro phoenix]