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vixen-moreau-pad by Tim-Kangaroo
65769 views, 367 favorites, 28 comments
The 'accident' has left this careless lab assistant to ponder the horrors of life as a foxy lady.
Little Kitty by Sutibaru
2 images, 65759 views, 260 favorites, 13 comments
Done for a art trade. Transgender + Transformation + Age Regression
Heythis-was-the-bath by Lquiroz
65447 views, 213 favorites, 6 comments
This woman is being transformed with in the camber to a Naga
Bia by Birvan
5 images, 65190 views, 105 favorites, 8 comments
One of the 3 transformation sequences I did for IoDM, in this case Bia being turned into a Rhinoceros Hornbill. Since the shop closed I decided to simply post everything and break the suspense
hmTFscene by Mirandaleigh
9 images, 64704 views, 239 favorites, 20 comments
Scene far in the future storyline of my comic Hunter's Moon
Small Fox TF Final by SolidAsp
5 images, 64428 views, 592 favorites, 58 comments
5 page werefox comic commission for BP.
Werefox Commie page by B by BlackRat
4 images, 63892 views, 556 favorites, 35 comments
4 page werefox commission for BP. Poor guy forgot his Transforming schedule... again. MangaStudio, Photoshop and painter 9
fatcow by KelvinTheLion
63551 views, 144 favorites, 12 comments
Even I'm not sure what's really going on in this comic and I drew it! Just enjoy and draw your own conclusion. Watch as this thin girl becomes a fat cow.
studytrans by WolfenMoondaughter
8 images, 63020 views, 202 favorites, 4 comments
ninascroll by PickleJuice
62920 views, 135 favorites, 8 comments
The scroll transforms. He didn't believe it, but tried it anyway. Woah.