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Unto Me P by Kazen
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Update: Now with resized images!
Shark by TfProxy
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Shark TF 1 of 3 - Yeah yeah, my faces need work ;)
Wyvern Costume by Soty
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Holiday Upload #4: Hm... feel free to speculate. n.n
In Need Of Milk by Toonexterminator
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Story: One Morning, Michelle found herself the only one who woke up early. Her other two roommates were still in their room. She assumed they must have had a rough night since she kept hearing squeaky and meowing noises. They must have been watching cartoons for hours. Michelle’s other new roommate, Rebecca, was still in bed. As she approached the kitchen, she took out a jar of milk and poured the last of it in her cereal. Just as she finished eating breakfast, Rebecca came out of the b...
giraffe by PickleJuice
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Doesn't look like much of a TF, does it? well, take a gander at the writing on the bottle...
ninaweredonkey by PickleJuice
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You get bit by a donkey, you expect a sore ass - not to become one.
Tiger tf by Kuma
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Poor guy's gone all fuzzy. Compliments of circe >:)
Saber color by Corvidima
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Commission for Newenglander
wildwomen by CaliforniaKitFox
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Mom always warned me not to date wild women!
Gallen by Birvan
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One of the 3 transformation sequences I did for IoDM, in this case Gallen being turned into a Ocelot/Dace fish combo. Since the shop closed I decided to simply post everything and break the suspense