Minotaur by Adanre

Minotaur by

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With the content policy talk worked out, I forgot to mention that this image is supposed to be the final part of a transformation sequence I started on ages ago. So I'll cautiously say to you that the other stages of the transformation will come up here sometime in the future. Most likely I won't render them in the same quality as this one though.


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Your stuff is amazing! I'd say that if you do at least one frame of the TF - maybe not even in this level of detail - that would be awesome :)


Way back when I did this image I planned on uploading a sequence here for Transfur leading up to this image, so I have five outlined intermediate TF stages to work with. I'll be sure to upload them here once I get motivated to finish it :)


Well if one of the admin asked you to break the content policy it must be ok.


I would go with transformation/implied pics - we try to keep the site specialized. But that said, your work is fantastic.

Just to clarify DumbPig's comment - I never said anyone could break content policy. Don't want people getting too upset and getting the wrong idea :)


Hi there,

First, very nice art. I had a peek at your FA account and it's just gorgeous.

As far as what to upload where goes -- well, the admins are admins and I'm not, so take their word over mine. But if it were me I'd play it safe and leave the rest of the non-TF art on FA -- no point risking drama.


Thanks Cayoosh!

Alright, I'll refrain from posting my other pieces. For anyone that wants to check them out regardless just check my profile for the FA link (And big thanks to those that already have! :D )


I'm guessing this minotaur was raised by or admires dwarves? They're the only race I've seen that bothers with those little beard/mustache beads.


This looks AMAZING! ^.=.^