Another Kind of Tea-Time by Adanre

Another Kind of Tea-Time by

Date: 3/17/2012 Views: 17907 Favorites: 168 Comments: 10


So, you're sick and want to drink some warm tea to get rid of that sore throat.

You rummage around for some honey and find a jar tucked away at the far end of the pantry, with no expiration date and no memory of ever buying.

Sweetening up that tea might not have been the smartest thing you've ever done, but it sure did make you warmer.


Sorry for anyone expecting the minotaur tf, it's a bit too much for me to handle. But a single image tf is doable at least, so here you go!

Edit: I can't update the file here, but there's an improved revision on FurAffinity.


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I love how amazingly well executed this artwork is! <3


That porridge looks too hot.... :V (Yes I know its tea...)


Hey... Rembrandt-lighting!!!!


Nakitacat: Thank you!

Dusk_Wolf: I see what you did there :p

Anyway, I had to come up with a nice device for the transformation, and a nice glow gives me some good shading so it was a no brainer. And yes I think it might be a bit hot.

Rocko: Uhm, yay!


That's pretty damn amazing!


Absolutely stunning. There are two things I really love about this piece (not to say there aren't many more that are great): the lighting and the texture work. You blend the shading from multiple light sources well, and the subtle changes in hue from the bottom of the page to the top are a good touch. I can't get over how nice the textures are. The minute strands on the jeans really make them look like jeans. The fur does not look photorealistic, but I don't think you were going for that. Instead, your texturing of the fur conveys the idea of fur very well while giving the eye a nice blend of small intricacies to entertain it. I have one critisism: the shirt seems to be a more-or-less uniform color (shading notwithstanding). With all the great textures surrounding it, it feels incongruous with the rest of the piece. I'm a bit longwinded, but at any rate: good work and keep it up!


Fenchurch: <3

Vetro: Awesome feedback.

It was extremely late so and I intended to release the image before I went to bed, so I cut some corners on the shirt. I'll definitively do retouching of it according to your feedback and improve on it some more :)

Also, in the case of the jeans I use a texture to help create the finer details. It's one of those things you catch up on after drawing for a longer time since it only helps your art and the pace at which you create it.

It's a shame I can't update the image here on Transfur (I'd have to delete and re-upload), so I'll do post this update on my FA account a few hours from now, for anyone who want to see the fix.


I've updated the image on FA now Vetro, thanks again :)


My pleasure, and again: Great work!


Isn't it sore instead of soar?