Titash the Meerkat by Adanre

Titash the Meerkat by

Date: 4/24/2012 Views: 15186 Favorites: 78 Comments: 7


Commission for Titash (http://www.titash.net/) and his meerkat character.


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Impressive lighting and colouring! Everything is very crisp.


Thank you :)

As one artist to another I can however say that the crispness comes from the final adjustment. You cannot really draw with brushes so it turns out that sharp the first time. In Photoshop use Filter -> "Unsharp Mask..." and then the settings to Amount 130%, Radius 1px and Threshold 0. This very setting is quite ideal for art, it's quite subtle but makes it "pop out". It was recommended to me by someone who's very good, so I suggest you try that out next time ;)


oh wow, I really like!!!


I love the character! :D


Hey yeah, that's a very cool trick, but it's not something that will "make or break" the picture. I still think it's crisp regardless of the filter because it's clear that you didn't get lazy with all the little hairs and creases and went straight for them.


Yes of course, you can not/should not be lazy with the fun detailing stuff! But the filter helps bring your details out, so to speak.

Thanks for the comments, everyone :)


Hmmmm fascinating