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Ripped Clothing

Alright. This has been the longest art project I have worked on in my life.

I started working on a bear transformation back in September 2014, and have since then been working several times a week for almost four years now.

But it's finally done! It's not very often I get to upload to Transfur so I hope you like it!

P.S: I've also uploaded some work-in-progress pics and zoom-ins on FurAffinity. You'll unfortunately need an account to view it.


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A TF that took four years to make? Well, damn. Impressive.


Lets just say it took a lot of iteration. ^^;

The FA link shows a few of those probably hundreds of scrapped steps.

The thing that caught me up was that if I felt like changing one step (say changing pose or transformation aspect) it affected the other steps.

And then there's also me coming back after a while to the image and just saying "nah, redo that step entirely".

But anyway, it's done. :)


Just bear with me on these puns.

I would just hate to bear some bad reviews.

Puns aside, this sequence is amazing