Misty Forest by Sergio P. Wolf

Misty Forest by

Date: 5/26/2012 Views: 11182 Favorites: 91 Comments: 9

Cursed Location

I guess I wanted to try a wolf TF again, because, let's be honest, HOT...! Anyway, this poor fellow is lost in a chilly magical forest, and gets the short end of the stick. Still, at least he stands a chance of surviving as a wolf, not so much as a mouse or a squirrel...


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Nice! Love that puff of icy breath you put in there - it certainly gives you the chills. And yep, he's lucky he's a wolf-to-be and not a rodent-to-be. >:P


oh wow I love this! love the panting hehe


See? That's what happen when you intrude in the forest!

Misty hates intruders!


I'd say he got off lucky.


I take it he started changing from the bottom up? I like how he still has a humanoid face and one heckuva tail. I don't suppose you can offer directions to this forest; it looks like a nice vacation spot.


Oh, if only I knew where this forest was, I might be making a visit myself... ;)


Great image! It's always fresh to see a creative take on a wolf transformation - obviously a favorite of mine.

I enjoyed the effort put into the background and setting. As Vyper pointed out, the cool breath is a nice touch. Strangely though, my favorite part is fairly subtle - the fact the left hand transformed almost entirely transformed into a paw before the right hand makes you almost feel for him. About to drop onto all fours, terrified!

It's almost worse, you know? If he randomly transformed into a wolf, maybe he'd be able to carve out some sort of existence for the rest of his days. But there? Stuck in a magical forest. Who knows what others curses might be lurking around the next corner?


Field trip!


This has always been one of my favorites, glad I was able to find it again.