CatBeam! by Sergio P. Wolf

CatBeam! by

Date: 8/25/2016 Views: 6997 Favorites: 30 Comments: 4


I did this in colored pencil years ago and I'm still generally taken with how it turned out. I'm surprised I didn't post it back when I posted stuff more regularly. Regardless... *flings .jpg at you*

CatBeam! is the foul power of the not quite normal King cat to turn tiny humans into cats, obviously! :) If I did this today I'd probably make the human much bigger so we could actually see the transformation taking hold more closely. I wasn't terribly comfortable with the medium at the time, this drawing turned out to be a bit of a breakthrough for me in finding the colors I sought after for what I glimpsed in my head.


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All I hear is the Brimstone sound from The Binding of Isaac :p


Ooh! I LOVE that game!


Oh my god i thought the same thing XD


Always comforting.