Modern Warfare by Sergio P. Wolf

Modern Warfare by

Date: 9/5/2016 Views: 9502 Favorites: 97 Comments: 5

Great Dane

This fella is about to painfully turn into great dane, the victim of the latest in modern warfare, chemical transformation agents! This test subject is either having a very bad day, or a very very good one, depending on who you ask.


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Interesting concept; mass transformation via chemical agents.

Boy, how (un)fortunate it would be to be hit by this stuff......


Quite the idea, I like it!


Whether this is bad depends on whether he has a Great Dane's life expectancy now or not.


"Cry havoc, and let slip the dogs of war!"


"I... I'm turning into a Great Dane!"

"Well, the jury is out on that, but a pretty good one, anyway."