Ladies & Gentlemen by AltairTF

Ladies & Gentlemen by

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Forced Transformation
Full Animal
Ripped Clothing

Based on a quick sketch from K-Libra from an old stream request.


"Ladies & Gentlemen! Now that our lovely volunteer has taken place inside this cage, hidden from our sight, My powerful magic is going to unfold. For unbeknownst to her, it is very real, as her body is now starting to experience...

My good Sir, thankyou for coming on stage and letting Me borrow her from you, for the pleasure of our wonderful audience tonight. I must admit I am glad you did, not only because your fiancée looks stunning, but also because it didn't go unnoticed to Me that you and her have been doubting My powers for the entire evening... But I suppose by now this young daring lady may be reconsidering raising her arm to prove Me wrong...

Ladies & Gentlemen, in a moment all she will be able to raise is her tail! For as I am speaking, our volunteer is undergoing a bewildering transformation from a beautiful woman into a no less beautiful black panther. Yes, the magic I am weaving underneath this curtain is slowly reshaping her form into a wild animal!

Of course, my good Sir, your former lover will be taken good care of as soon as her changes are complete. Maybe I should have mentionned that they are irreversible and permanent... but you do not care, do you? [*finger snap*] I will pay you ten times the price for her ripped dress, but you don't care because she will not be needing those anymore. It even makes you happy to get some money, my good Sir, doesn't it? [*finger snap*] The more her womanly shapes fade away into fur, the more she fades from your memory...

Ladies & Gentlemen, behold My amazing powers moulding our two volunteers! The more this man here forgets about this woman, the more her body changes inside this cage she willingly entered.

And now, Ladies & Gentlemen, get ready to see what became of her as I am going to remove this cloth! For our lovely, beautiful female volunteer has now been transformed into an agile, strong, majestic feline animal!"

[*lots of applause*]

"Oh and Ladies, I am pleased to announce this handsome young man is single again, and slightly richer than just a moment ago... just be careful he doesn't trade you for a few more bucks!"


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great piece of work love it


Thankyou. :)


Ooo, cute~ Though I have to admit that I suddenly missing your manips now... xD;


Well thanks! Though i usually prefer enjoying what i have than mourning what i miss. ;)


Unfortunately, you forgot to erase her family and friends' memories...a few months later, there might just be another female panther in there...



Hey it's not me but this evil magician!! ><

That might just be a reason for a sequel or a story? :p


That was to the first person narration. ;3

That would be fun!


historia interesante y buena dentro de su narrativa inmediata, tengo muchos problesma los argumentales del contesto pos tf a largo plaso, en parte la vengaza abusiva pero eso es sobre analicéis. buen trabajo.


Muchas gracias. Sé que no todo el mundo puede gustar permanente tf, especialmente las que disfruto... Mi mente está loca ! :p


No problem if it is permanent, but it comes point where someone posted magician disappeared, leaving a witness, when you intend to make their victims believe their powers. Not if intent to steal girlfriend I hinoptiso. Not to mention what has already been said by AzureBlood. It was not very well come planiada.

It is not uncommon for me gute Tf stories, as I liked this short story, just as I am about to analyze the thing, I could not help in the relacines of the victims.


Lovely as always :D


Glad you think so. :)


Sooo cool :D!!! I wish I could draw like that!