Don't Touch Mysterious Feathers by Amber-Aria

Don't Touch Mysterious Feathers by

Date: 3/9/2011 Views: 6632 Favorites: 92 Comments: 10


Just an older sketch I've been meaning to share of an unnamed thief transforming into a Chocobo via enchanted feather. I may not have played much Final Fantasy, but I still really like Chocobos~

Plan on redrawing this picture in the future and making it look prettier, when I get the time.


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Very well done, though I think it'd make for an awesome life =3


Chocobos are always awesome. More anthro Chocobos please?


*rants and raves* baaaaaaa...hh... maybe not. :p Actually, you managed to plop down precisely what I'm doing next, right before I was about to. I guess theres no excuse now... *pulls up the image and polishes it for completion* . I'd say that I thought of the idea first, but I recall an older thief to choco tf sequence... so that would probably be an incorrect statement ;) I guess I'll just jump on the bandwagon then...


by the way, nice work on the head and overall features. Feathers are a pain, aren't they? ; )


Wark? :)


And it's very identifiable as a chocobo. Great job.


actually, I will make one teeny gripe: the magic feather looks very ratty and scuffed: it should be floofier;) of course, now that I think about it, if its too prominent, it will cover up details on the subject, so... hm. preen it, but dont enlarge it.:>


I think the beak shape is really good. Looks cool!


CHOCOBOOOOOOOOOS!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-) This is a fantastic sketch!!


Love those claws!