The Peaceful Glade by Amber-Aria

The Peaceful Glade by

Date: 7/2/2012 Views: 12853 Favorites: 90 Comments: 7


A sketch for my 100 Sketch Challenge.

This sketch is for Wac2313 of Furaffinity, who was kind enough to allow me free reign with his TF pic request! I was in the mood to do something unique, so why not a kirin?

It appears that taking the afternoon to sunbathe in the sweet scents of flowers and grass in an enchanted clearing has reinvigorated him in body as well as mind~


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Well done! That's awesome that you did a Monster Hunter TF, I have never seen anyone do those before!

The sepia coloration makes this one feel very mellow.


Very nice! I like the elegant style, both in the design of the kirin and in the TF process itself.


One of my favorite pieces I have ever seen of your work. This is truly ace material!


oh my dear greatness... that is fantastic! *favorites picture*


Very calming indeed; I like how content he looks.


You did such a wonderful job ^^ I consider myself so lucky to have snagged a spot~


Very lovely