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Don't know why I didn't upload these before. Sketches for a short sequence I axed from the book I'm putting together because I just wasn't feeling them. [girl > anthro allosaurus]


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I thoroughly approve of your scaled girls, and these are no exception. =3


Perhaps you should create a digital download sketchbook. Those always seem to go over well. I know I love looking at concept art.


Eh, you may not have been feeling them, but they're not bad. I concur with Dragon-Girl. Concept art = love.


Nice concept indeed. I especially love the face of the first. Your anatomy is always awesome :3


Gnat, I like her anatomy, because she uses realistic figures. Girls with busty hips, normal sized breast.. ya know. REAL.


I dunno if I'd say they're real- I mean, some girls have almost no boobs and very wide hips, or very small hips and very large boobs- but I, too, enjoy your anatomy. XD You're making a book? Oh so awesome.