Sotycollab smaller by Arania

Sotycollab smaller by

Date: 4/1/2005 Views: 17609 Favorites: 31 Comments: 7


Fun with Collaborations! Soty and I had fun with Open Canvas's art jam tonight and did 2 pieces - this one had each figure done entirely by one artist - I did the wolf, Soty did Samantha, the woman in control ^_ She didn't take kindly to insults.


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Unless I missed something and this is a tg tf, she's still the psycho bitch ^_^


is that a lab coat, or a witch coat.


Well, technically speaking, most canines (mammals in general outside huamns) don't have enlarged mammary glands unless they're pregnant or nursing ^_~.


OMG! Multiple comments by the same person on a single image! I'm in love!


Well, given that I'm not sure that the anthro wolf is female, thanks to the placement of the hands, I'd have to say the woman who is human still is the most likely to get the title...


heh, good call, actually. :D


soty, arania, and leo lobo i wish i could kiss you all! i LOVE these collaborations! : ) [hah i realize that soty and leo are dudes but... ] : D