Monsters - Ambrose sm by Arania

Monsters - Ambrose sm by

Date: 7/22/2005 Views: 13458 Favorites: 56 Comments: 12


The first piece I've done for myself in a long while - and done during/between working on commssions :3. My favorite werewolf subject, my original character Ambrose - done in Open Canvas, and my first foray into dramatic lighting :3


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This is definitely better than the previous works. It still has a few anatomy flaws (To make it short: head too far to the left on the shoulder, legs stance with S shaped leg and belly) But definitely a good improvement. B


Oh, now that IS nice. Good work on this one.


The lighting and the general anatomy in each individual section are well done, but it doesn't quite fit together properly. It's a matter of perspective; the limbs appear to be viewed from a different angle to the rest of the body, and it throws the whole off-balance (check the comparative positions of Ambrose's shoulders). Nonetheless, an effective piece.


You'd be pissed off too if your pants were that tight. Denim is a poor choice for shapeshifting attire. :)


Very nice work! Some of you're best to date I believe.


The lighting could use work, since that's what you said you were heading into. I see what you were tyring to do, but try this: Darken the background except for a corona around the moon, and greatly shadow the parts of Ambrose facing away from the moon. You'll see how quick it'll jump out.


I've never left a comment on this forum. This is gorgeous.


Its one of those labour of love things,which is why its better then the commissioned stuff.Also wolves seem to be her strong suit,as opposed to scalies and porcines


i agree it does look off bt its still gourgous, how long did it taketo do, i think you SHOULD do a full sequect and then offer that on your site with a inflated price, quality work outshines quantity....


I like it, seems you're getting better every time ^_^


yeah, drastic


Formentioned anatomy issues notwithstanding, I too think you're going in the right direction with the setting and lighting.