foxycolorsm by Arania

foxycolorsm by

Date: 12/18/2005 Views: 31014 Favorites: 107 Comments: 20


Happy Holidays, Transfur <3. A young woman, after having put on a stylish baby-T finds herself fitting the description a bit more than she quite pictured as she becomes a busty arctic fox vixen ^~ Character design based after the original character of Kamiki's by the same name.


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*hugs Arania* You always make Kamiki look so awesome. Incredible job, one of my fave peices I've seen you do yet. Seriously, all biases aside (as much as I can ^_~ )


beautifull I love your art great


I like the way you done the breasts. :P Finally a update on TF...


Kudos on the colouring, although that left leg looks like it's in a painful position.


hey arania great job w/ this piece i like the claws on her hands and the changing feet, hey by the way, when r u updating yur site??? great pic., and hope to see yur site updated soon, keep the great artwork comin :)


hehe, I love the feet, that's a decent picture ^_^


TransFur hasn't updated much lately because people have other things on their minds. You know, like *Christmas*.


Amazing, That's a very nice art.


I love arctic foxes, I hope to see more in the near future!


Her body has a pleasant shinyness to it ^-^


I pariculary like the legs and breasts. overall a very good tf drawing. nice job. ^^


very nice job, so whats next?


Possibly a woman with a 'cowgirl' shirt, or perhaps some guy with a 'stud' shirt?


awesome man! you can tell you spent alot fo time on it. i especially like the clothing its really satiny and well done :)


Col - *LOL* Actually I had kicked around the idea of perhaps, when time allows, doing sequels along the theme. 'cowgirl' and 'stud' were two ideas. As were 'Pussy' and 'Bitch'. XD. Mayhaps someday.


wow this is great this needs to be made into a senqence


What rate would you chage for a sequence or one shot, cause you knwo transfer has inspire a LOT of my writing and i might make a tf by shirt series. Ive done one based on the cat vodo doll, one based on soem gil being dunk changed, and som any more seen here. Hey email me it would jsut be fun to talk about your ispiration and write stories without a pic tied to it.


LLX - I'll drop you a mail :). I was actually thinking of seeing if anyone would be interested in commissioning some along this line (I'll work out prices for a single shot detailed color TF pic like this) - especially getting peoples' inspiration for a shirt series specifying poses, animals, and what the subjects look like :).


Nice work.


nitro134 i AGREE!