DaphflammSeamus by Arania

DaphflammSeamus by

Date: 1/2/2006 Views: 13258 Favorites: 55 Comments: 7


Daphflamm's character Seamus - starting to transform and recently transformed to his were-form :3


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quite good, but I am curious why as a wolf he has no hair(not considering fur like hair) on his head, and yet, he still has the little beard thing as a wolf.


Your work looks ten times better in color,


Somewhat of a rarity, a colored pic. Not bad.


Coloring is fantastic but there are some screaming anatomy problems, More so with the wolf form, but there are still problems with the human form too. The shoulders and the legs seem too small.


I really like the coloring on this one. RPG character? (I keep thinking a Fianna Ragabash with this fellow *g*)


Drubear - the proportions were based after a build ref sketch of the char I was sent. Philo - not sure actually - But with the red hair I could certainly see it :3


If he still has a bit of his goayee he should also keep just a little head hair as well