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Ambrose, my original character of whom I'm sure I've spammed you guys with too much already - near completion of his transformation. EDIT - Now complete. These two frames are technically a continuation/conclusion of the first three that were done by Sirenz (


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Fur detail is soooo impressive...


Very nicely done :) Jawline seems a bit narrow but he isn't done yet is he? Excellent work


wow, your skills are geting better. just to ask witch way is he going, he about half way really for ether. [just want to nip it in the bud]


It's truly amazing how well you draw animals. However, I think you human figure needs work. No worries though! I can tell by your older work that you're getting much better! :D


Pretty and cute coloring :D


marvelous... im impressed!


Excellent work, as always! However, I disagree with your idea of 'too much'. No such thing! ^_^


Wow, the fur detail is very great as the others said, and you are really improving! can't wait to see more of your future work!


Every one thinks the fur is great, me too. You really have outdone yourself.


I don't know if it's just the way his head is angled, but it seems as if his eyes are out of alignment.


Love ya style!


Looks good


very nice indeed. Plus it doesn't bother me that you have a main character you like to draw. most of us do. =p


*laughs* Thanks guys - I do appreaciate it. Eventually, on the horizon, I will be doing a massive uplod of 5-part TF pieces colored like this.. I just want to finish them first. >> This is one I just finished last night and has shown some of the techniques I've been learning/getting better at while doing them. The will likely be an 'ambrose5' to finish this one off - I visualize this one being about 75% of the way through the change - he's still very human-built (he'll get more of a 'were' build for the last piece). And yes, Aries >3 - I decided to do a wee bit of fanservice with the glimpse of his oh-so-smexy tightie whities peeking through XD


I like the piece anyway. It kind of reminds me of another "Ambrose" character, but he wasn't a wolf.


The only minor I can see is the head; looks too much like a normal wolf, but then with human hair on top of it.


I don't mean to be a requester, but with all the Ambrose spammage, I sort of have to ask. Do you plan on doing an Ambrose Transgender? Comeon, I know you want to. :P ...Hm. Okay, back to seriousness. This looks more realistically detailed than some of your other works, so I will say that you improved on that aspect. And those new pics will definitly be a treat. I will point out one thing that I find off though. I've tried copying the picture onto paint and making lines to track it, and even then I can't figure out why.. but the face, around the eyes and the nose and bridge portion.. something just doesn't seem to add up right. Could just be because I'm tired.. But great to see you posting again! How is college treating ya?


cool yo! i do agree the coloring is capital, the fur is so awesome looking, you can tell you thought about each little bit :) rock


are you drawing your draem guy, I know if I drew more I would draw what I would fancy to date much more often then other works :)


Nall/Jubatis - yeah, something bugged me too about the eyes/bridge of nose, and I tried to mess with it myself but wasn't able to come up with the solution either. Ah well, I might futz with it again in the future but at this point I figured it was time to put the piece aside for at least a bit. *chuckles* Ambrose is an original character of mine originating from a D&D game that I've taken into other venues - more info about him on my website. But he is a good practice subject for me when I try new things and have the time to draw for myself. Query - I've got a good start into several of these aformentioned sequences - would you guys rather I wait to post them as I actually finish them, or post what I have to add to later?


vary well done all around Arania i like it all i really like his face tho


It looks like you sized the image down slightly. Or maybe it's just me and my 21" monitor >_< Either way, it still looks great. I've always loved your detail and annatomy. If I had to make a suggestion for your new detail/texture spree I'd have to suggest doing a costume/skin TF. Those always push the limits of textures in my opinion. Plus they always end up looking cool ^^ Anyways, keep up the good work.


JT - yeah, this is about halfsize of the original (too bad, yeah, a good deal of detail was lost, like the color of the eyes being half-shifted, ah well.) We'll see - I've got a lot on my plate that needs to be done.


SPAM AWAY! *huggles Ambrose* Sabin ain't bad either though XD


So post the link of the beginning of the sequence in the comment, then: good qualiies, by the way.


Ah, thanks Inchide - I should have done that.


Waiii! *waves arms around* He's so cute!


Gr8 Ariana. *smiles*


overall looks sharp (I like the way you did the fur also)


I want to hug him!


ambrose looks as great as ever!


O_O Holy crap, now that's detailed!