griffoncatsm by Arania

griffoncatsm by

Date: 6/21/2006 Views: 20356 Favorites: 32 Comments: 7


Jorg commission 3 of 4 :). A small wildcat is imbued with the same magical energy, unleashing a primal transformation into a large griffon.


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i kinda enjoy looking at all the "reverse tf's" like things so far, great artwork as always Arania, but im praying u'll post a good TF sequence soon(personally i wanna see another sabretooth tiger sequence similar to the one u did for Soty) also speakin of soty, can u ask when she's gonna update her site or post new things, lol if u can comment back that'd be great, and as always ur artwork is awesome, i personally think u r probably one of the best TF artists around!


The face of the cat has the same proportion/angle problems that the fox one had, but I really really enjoy the way you draw gryphons.


Finally, some transformations that work from a base other than human. Neat stuff, Arania!


Weird but interesting and cool. Weird because i have never seen a tf other than a human based tf, it looks great and keep it up Arania.


last picture so cute :)


Awesome!! I love the detail on the feathers.


Take me away griffonkitty!