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Now complete, Colche has fully transformed into an anthropomorphic King Cheetah - going from a scared, abused woman into a beautiful, confident, elegant feline.


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*Nods* That's really the overall theme of the character - coming out of her shell and becoming empowered through her transformation. Cheetahs are strong, independant and beautiful creatures.


Great work! luv the 4th picture...


that is truely a beautiful sequence, not becasue the art is great (which it is) but the idea is so awesome and pure. THank you for sharing this really made a bad day good. Ren


While this sequence is excelent, I would just like to mention that cats claws are always white and fairly thin, the claws in these pictures are typicaly canine.Otherwise this is one of the two best cheetah tf sequences (this one has a much better story behind it) I ever saw.


Colche really comes alive as a character through this sequence; it's a good tf because you can totally understand and perceive who this person is as they change.


awesome TF


The face is very cute, especially in the last frame. Also, excellent coloring. But the hindpaws don't really look like they could hold her weight in the pictures.


*thumbs up*


Thanks guys :3 - as far as the claws, cheetahs are an exception in that they have very canine claws - non-retractable and rounded - because they're used for traction in running (like a canine) intead of sharpened and used for latching onto prey like most other felines. Colche's storyline in the RP she's from is also most excellent, and I was happy to illustrate her change.


Wow, perfect ;)


It don't get much cuter than this. n.n Well done!


Would there be n5th picture? I want to see her on allfours. Exellent! I like skin color change while she was still furelss. And, where to find "Island of DrM" RP logs?


hehe cool TF, and its super cute ^_^


adorable final expression <3


Fabulous! I see so many sequences where the transformation is more of a punishment or horror that it's encouraging to see it used as an allegory for freedom. I mean, you can feel her joy by just looking at her! Excellent work, as usual. I'm glad someone has put some thought into the depth of the metaphor.


This is a really cool sequence and not least because it uses king cheetah. The emotions are really well played out and the story greatly enhances the different pictures. Only thing I would wish for is a final 5th picture like Dimad said.




Your artwork just keeps on improving.


Kennus - there is a 5th piece pending, I'll probably have it up very early July :). This one was really a lot of fun to do a very different reaction to the change. as Dimad requested, here's the link to Colche's journal: - you can get to the wider RP board from there if anyone wants to read up (it's a LOT of reading - warning ^~ )


The last image is so adorable!


*little cheer* Colche! My favorite of the IoDM sequences <3 She looks adorable on that last one, like Fix said :D


she is SO cute, and i like the story--rockin as usual :3


What impressed me most about the sequence is how you not only showed the character's changing, but you also replaced the sadness and misery reflected in her eyes with happiness. I thought that's what made the sequence of images profound.


That is a beautiful sequence, and I have only one crit- if you look at a picture of a cheetah, their spots aren't like you did them in some of the drawings. The last pic reminded me of the girl from "The Ring". (Take a look at the hair)


She's actually changed into a King Cheetah, so the pattern of spotting is different than most would consider traditional. Just got to view the 5th image, and she's turned out very nice. I might have suggested a different seated pose with her legs off to one side to give her a look similiar to lots of safari pictures of Cheetahs, but overall job well done.


*snuggle* She's cute ^^


I believe that my previous comment was misunderstood, the foto on should clear things up. By the way the last picture is an awsome finish.


great work


Nice sequence but question: was this also supposed to be a TG? at end you say she was a beautiful "king" cheetah anthro, meh.


Dragonkeeper - a "King" Cheetah is a type of cheetah. Here's a photo ref for people who asked/were curious: Though, cutely enough Colche when she's being played refers to herself as a "princess" cheetah.


Wonderful last picture! Love the long hair!


Great art, Arania. You only seem to be getting better at this stuff!


Love this. Very well done from start to finish.


Dang. This is an OLD seq. But I love it. CHEETAs ROOL!!! You do well in porteaying cheetahs in your art, and most people can't... sadly, I suck at drawing. I put myself at, like, 400% drawing style below a mix between Tincrash and some really old artists from the 1990's. And then some... so i suck...


Definetly one of my favourite IoDM character/TF-sequence ^.^


so moving - 4th pic rox


The last pic is kinda hot


Truly beautiful work. All her sadness and lonliness washes away as she changes, and she's finally left so happy, fulfilled, and free. All-time fave, and lotsa love <3 ^_^


Aww, so happy at the end