steggielovinsm by Arania

steggielovinsm by

Date: 2/28/2007 Views: 26974 Favorites: 71 Comments: 8


Another commission I've been sitting on for a bit, and realized I hadn't uploaded yet. While the transformation is only implied, that was the theme of the art. A voluntary transformation of a woman into a volumptuous anthro stegosaurus for her loving partner.


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I've got a Real media commission up on furbid: That lasts until 3/2


Walking with Dinosaurs


Stego Nice. I like to see Meet Eaters Dinosaurs Like T-rex and Raptor with the Feathers..


Wonderful work. I always enjoy the 'story' behind your art. And it's nice to see some more full-figured "women" :-)


I love it!! Dinosaur TFs are the best! Especially when its into a herbivore species like this. Stegosaurs are one of the creatures that inspired my love of dinosaurs in my youth. I really love the willing aspect of it, and the look of solidarity they share with their palms touching. Beautiful!!


Could've sworn I'd seen this before.


Great work! I really like that one, after all, dinosaur transformation is so rare those days. Continue like that!


it is a sweet idea, and the woman's form is truly an interesting take on something so truly unique. nice work.