Human, I'll bet he was going to say human by Artist-Guy

Human, I'll bet he was going to say human by

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Oldie but I still love the style in this one. I really don't know what she's supposed to be. I'll say some sort of Kagaroo Rabbit. A Kabbit if you will. Wait.. that's taken. I think someone called her a Rabaroo once. I like that one. She is a rabaroo.


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The final form looks a bit odd, but still very nice work. And I like the reaction of both of them as well. Very good.


There be flaws like lucky charms in the mix. It's a pot-o-gold of errors. Find 'em all Hoti to to to.


Yeah, it's all just a dream... *spins a top*


Fixmana, major desception reference. ;/b


also, Artist-Guy, VERRY FUNNY DESCRIPTION!!! |/D


tsula I think you mean INsception.




i believe that is an ottsel i mean look at the tail ears and feet clear sign its an ottsel



Ya I'd say so. She has a few things that seperate her from one, but the resemblance is uncanny. She has longer ears and black patterns on her hands, feet, tail, and eyes. Ottsels seem to have a yellow belly patch that goes along their tail and face to the back of the mandable as well. Their bodies are longer with shorter legs and arms where in mine I went for longer powerful legs like a kangaroo. Ottsels themselves kind of look like combined meerkats and an otters. I can see what you're talking about though. Ah well.. Here, have a sarcastic saying.

Originality: Just one more thing I can rip off.


... this one is kind of interesting ... but I am not sure I fully understand the story (I am probably just slow). But for the slow among us is there a little more info?