Moment of Unfolding by Artist-Guy

Moment of Unfolding by

Date: 5/10/2012 Views: 9918 Favorites: 76 Comments: 6


This is a live stream picture I worked on last night until my brain was numb. I'm not entirely sure what I said last night but I apologise in any event, lol. Thank you for those who came and watched and encouraged me during the event. I wouldn't probably have tried so hard otherwise.

Anyhue. Damn I like how this one turned out right from the initial posing. I may end up doing more colour works after this one and my last drawing because although they both were long to do, it was the second time that I've ever had fun colouring. The first with the last picture I uploaded.


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I like the pose and colors! I watched some last night, and glad that the picture turned out very well, looking forward to more!


lolz, looks like almost a cheetah.


Oooh, I really like it. The curvature of the track seems to pop out of the screen!




Zack Thank you. I hope to do more in the future.

fredlondi I was going with the perspective, I like how it turned out. It's like 3D without the glasses.


How did I miss this one until now? This is great!